Incarsolution is owned by Worldwidesounds which distributes and markets car accessories and components and has been a market leader since 2006 in CAN-Bus and MOST systems, offering control solutions for iPod/iPhone, DVD, Bluetooth, A2DP, USB, GPS, DVB- T, front and rear cameras linked to the original navigation systems.

Among the universe of commercialized brands, the exclusive distribution for Portugal of DENSION stands out, which is the market leader in iPod/iPhone/USB/Bluetooth solutions, of CARAUDIO-SYSTEMS, European leader in the integration of CAN-Bus and MOST interfaces for the leading car brands, QDIS and NETWORK which are the leading manufacturers of LVDS interfaces in Korea and ESX which is one of the best quality/price ratio European car-audio brands.

Worldwidesounds, which owns Incarsolution, only works directly with the main manufacturers in order to be able to offer the entire network of agents spread across the different areas of the country and their final consumers products that have been properly tested in order to obtain the highest degree of satisfaction from the consumer. Other companies can sell similar products, but none with the capacity and knowledge to solve technical doubts in the integration of the latest infotainment systems for cars since 2006. Why risk buying a cheaper item when you can buy it directly on the restricted network of Worldwidesounds “Premium Partner” agents ?

Incarsolution sells to the main installers in the country as well as to many official dealers, which demonstrates the service and after-sales assistance of all the items sold.

Incarsolution regularly exports to countries such as Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Russia, United States, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The aim is always to present the best audio and infotainment solutions for the automotive sector.