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Musway MSB130 Silicone Speaker Baffle 5.25"

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Musway MSB130 Silicone Speaker Baffle 5.25"

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Musway MSB130 Silicone Speaker Baffle 5.25"

Musway MSB130 Silicone Speaker Baffle 5.25"

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A common problem when installing loudspeakers in doors or parcel shelves is that the sound may not unfold optimally into the vehicle interior. In such cases, the problem is often not even the loudspeakers themselves, but the cause, along with unwanted vibrations, can be a so-called “acoustic short circuit” that always occurs when there is a small gap between the chassis and the door panel during assembly. As a result, the generated sound is not completely radiated to the front, as the pressure required for efficient sound radiation cannot be built up in the first place. In this case, part of the vibration energy flows directly back to the back of the membrane and causes a pressure loss. The sound energy also works in the wrong places and can cause resonances or vibrations.

MUSWAY “loudspeaker cuffs” help against such acoustic problems, which have several functions at the same time: The deep-drawn rings made of very flexible silicone are a kind of baffle seal, bell and vibration damper in one. It is easy to use and the effect is amazing: The flexible construction is placed between the loudspeaker and the adapter ring or Opening attached. If necessary, the silicone material can be cut into shape so that it clings perfectly to the surrounding surfaces. Opposite the rear opening or in the cuff, the enclosed convoluted foam is attached, which also provides additional resonance damping. The result is better sound development and richer bass reproduction.

In addition, the silicone baffles, available in pairs, protect speakers built into doors from moisture, wetness and dirt, so that not only the performance but also the longevity is increased. The use of baffle seals is therefore worthwhile in several ways: A small investment not only protects speakers, but also delivers significantly better sound results.

Silicone Speaker Baffle with acoustic foam

Suitable for all 13cm (5.25") speakers, (1 pair)

To ensure compatibility, we recommend that the parts pictured in our listing are compared to the actual parts in your vehicle before you make your purchase. If still unsure please contact us via email system so we can advise before you make your purchase.